so me and my siblings (theres 3 of us) were eating dinner with my dad and we were talking about dad jokes and all of a sudden my dad goes “ive only made 3 jokes in my life and theyre all sitting in front of me”

thats it

the dad joke to end all dad jokes

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awww nostalgia

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mark ruffalo is so down to earth like i feel like he doesnt even know hes a celebrity hes just some guy and all these famous people are around him and he has no clue what is happening

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Favorite Lesbian/Bi/Queer Characters: Orange is the New Black - Nicky Nichols
Piper: What are you doing?
Nicky: It’s uh, an art piece representing the futility of blue-collar labor in a technological age. And vaginas.

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It looks like a cat version of Toothless.


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inspired by

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cute things to call your girlfriend:

1. sugar 
2. honey 
3. flour 
4. egg 
5. 1/2lb butter 
6. stir 
7. pour into pan 
8. preheat to 375°

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Poor Dan Patterson…

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This is what we’ve been saying the whole time!! #justinbeiber #orlandobloom #beiber #legolas #beiberpunch

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